What are transistors and organic transistors ?

Transistors and organic transistors

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  • What is a transistor ?

In simple words transistor is a three terminal electronic device which is widely used for switching and amplification purposes.


General purpose BC 548  BJT  (npn transistor)

  • Why was it discovered ?

Transistors have been revolutionary in the field of electronics by allowing engineers to replace bulky vacuum tubes with a tiny and inexpensive component.

  • Why is it called transistor ?

Transistor= Transfer + Resistor.

So basically, it is transfer of resistance when transistor operates in its active region the input resistance is high and output resistance is low.

Transistor is a device which transfers its resistance from high to low.

Did you know ?

Due to this property transistor amplifies any input signal.

We can control the amplification by changing resistance values of transistors.


  • Analogy 

Consider transistor as a tap which can increase the flow of water applied at its input and you can also regulate the flow at output. You can control the flow of electrons flowing from emitter to collector with the help of base.


  • Types of transistors

There are different types of transistors such as JFET, BJT ,heterojunction bipolar transistor, Schottky transistor, avalanche transistor, Darlington transistors.


Types of transistors

But a type of transistor developed by researchers known as OFET  is rarely heard by anyone.

  • Organic field effect transistors 
  • Have you ever heard about OFET’s ?
  1. It is a part of biodegradable electronics which is a future technology that can prevent generation of organic waste.
  2. OFET’s can be prepared either by vacuum evaporation of small molecules, by solution-casting of polymers or small molecules.
  3. By mechanical transfer of a peeled single-crystalline organic layer onto a substrate.


  • Concept of operation

The gate controls the carrier (electrons and holes) movement from the source to the drain.

  • How are they prepared?

Thermally oxidized silicon is used to prepare OFET’s .

The silicon dioxide serves as the gate insulator.

The active FET layer is usually deposited onto this substrate using either

(i)   Thermal evaporation

(ii)  Coating from organic solution

(iii)  Electrostatic lamination.

The first two techniques result in poly-crystalline active

layers they are much easier to produce, but result in relatively poor transistor performance.

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